Product: NSquare SnakeKing Automatic Watch



Snake brings everyone the feeling of mystery always. The SnakeKing series is applicable to both men and women. Each watch of the domineering series is crafted exquisitely. Remember to share after watching!!


SnakeKing Features:


13 Models with Different Colours - 21 Choices in Total


Metal boa bringing wild and mysterious feeling


Diameter: 46mm, which is very eye-catching and close-fitting at the same time



The series' theme is python and the series is inspired by a snake tattoo. The most representative snake pattern is printed on the dial and it surrounds the 24-hour display and the calendar.


Calibre Miyota 8217 Self-winding Mechanical Movement from Japan


100-metre Water-resistance Function


【NSquare Watch World】SnakeKing Series Introducing


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蛇帶給大家的感覺永遠都是充滿神秘感! NSquare神秘邪惡卻不失高貴的SnakeKing系列男女皆宜,做工十分精緻細膩。




13款不同顏色 - 共21款選擇







日本Calibre Miyota 8217自動上弦機械機芯






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【NSquare腕錶世界】細看SnakeKing|為你詳細解說 嶄新創意玩味腕錶



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