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Limited Edition 18 pieces.

Our new DynamicRace tourbillon watch, NSquare Watch and Memorigin once again cooperate to launch a racing-themed tourbillon watch, which is jointly worked by two Hong Kong watch brands. This is a special concept that can look into the future and set new the trend of. This tourbillon watch designed by NSquare Watch and Memorigin will be limited to 18 pieces. This tourbillon watch is equipped with a 46 mm stainless steel case and ceramic bezel, showing a strong racing style, bold shape, clear lines, full of sports atmosphere. The watch is equipped with a Memorigin tourbillon movement and a 40-hour power reserve. The dial design is special, the small surface at 3 o'clock moves with the hour hand, the sun is during the day, and the headlight pattern is designed at night.

• Designed for lovers of driving and motorsports. 
NSquare brings elegant and sporty tourbillon
watches to active people.


我們全新的DynamicRace 陀飛輪腕錶,由NSquare Watch 及 Memorigin 再次合作推出以賽車為主題的陀飛輪腕表,由兩個香港手錶品牌共同合作,這是一種特別的概念,可以展望未來,並設定新的趨勢。NSquare Watch 與Memorigin 合作設計的這款陀飛輪腕錶將限量發售18枚。 這款陀飛輪腕表配備了46毫米精鋼錶殻及陶瓷錶圈,展現強烈的賽車風格,造型大膽,線條分明,充滿運動氣息。腕錶搭載Memorigin 陀飛輪機芯,40小時動力儲存。 錶盤設計特別,3時位置小錶面跟除時針走動,日間是太陽,到了晚間則是車頭燈的圖案設計。

• 專為喜愛駕駛及賽車運動愛好者設計。
NSquare 為好動人士帶來優雅和運動的陀飛輪腕錶。