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In the past, Chinese philosophers divided everything in the universe into five types of things - metal, wood, water, fire and earth - and used theories to explain the formation of everything and their relationship. NSquare strongly believes that the five elements are closely related to life. To promote the mutual growth endlessly, this time, we fortunately cooperate with the Master Clement Ting Bong CHAN, a popular modern metaphysics consultant in Hong Kong and proudly launch five watches of FIVE ELEMENTS series. Many people believe in constellation and it is also said that change is eternal. A large group of people over the world believe the five elements are always helping each other every moment. By wearing different watches of the series, we would like to help you towards a brighter and better life.

• Each attribute helps strengthen luck

Master Chan was influenced by his father since he was a child. At the age of 8, he could recite the knowledge of Heaven and Earth. He began to study physiognomy, palmistry, Tarot divination, western astrology, etc. since he was 13. Chan is also good at helping decide or suggest regarding Feng Shui for his clients, such as home and business location selection and improving and enhancing wealth. His professional services include personal and company name change, choosing dates for marriage and childbirth and office relocation. He is proficient various kinds of relevant techniques.


Master Chan has been interviewed by various media since 2011 and has been recognized by many parties of different sectors in Hong Kong. In 2012, Chan even participated in the filming of the Hollywood program "The America's Next Top Model" and became the first Hong Kong metaphysician who takes part in a program in Hollywood. He is very good at asking the hexagrams and made accurate judgments and many Hong Kong artistes approached him for his services. He is highly recognizable. In 2020, he once predicted that a Miss Hong Kong will have a Prunus persica luck in a specific month in 2020, and he revealed that in 2021 and 2022, the Miss Hong Kong and a TV station's leading actor will take turns having new lovers respectively. Because of predicting correctly, at that time, he was even asked about the couple's wedding date when he filmed for the program. In 2015, he was invited by a world-class university – Harvard University and became the first person who holds a metaphysical lecture. He was also interviewed by the Associated Press, invited and he made predictions for the world in 2016. He has more than 10,000 followers on Facebook and more than 100,000 subscribers on the YouTube Channel opened by him.

• Need to confirm that it is running every day. Refer to the exclusive orientation, such as the fire attribute N59.4: Northeast

NSquare prefers cooperating with the outstanding parties. This is the reason we collaborate with Master Chan for the series. When Master Chan meets NSquare, the equation produced an unimaginable spark. Check the specifications and know more.


• 針對五行相生,強化運氣更當旺;每個屬性的錶均有所屬之三合位設計,加持下催運



幫幫師傅2011年起接受各媒體訪問,備受香港各界認同,更於2012年參與拍攝荷里活節目《全美超級模特兒新秀大賽America's Next Top Model》,成為首位踏足荷里活的香港玄學家。他問卦一針見血,判斷準確,因而吸引不少香港藝人魚雷邀請他看風水、八字等。他的認受性極高,於2020年曾經批中一名香港小姐於同年某月行桃花運,及曾透露2021年和2022年,該名港姐和一名某電視台當家小生輪流紅鸞星動。他當時於節目中被追問這對情侶的婚期。2015年,他獲得世界一級學府 – 美國哈佛大學邀請,成為首位於校內舉行玄學講座的人士,以及獲得美聯社追訪和為2016年世界運程作出預測,近年更獲各個誇國大型品牌/機構邀請出任講座嘉賓及堪察風水。其Facebook追蹤人數超過一萬位,已有逾十萬人訂閱師傅開設的YouTube Channel。

• 自動錶 - 需注意放在適當地方作擺設時,需確認它每天均在運行;配合命格佩戴 x 參考專屬方位,如火屬性N59.4:東北