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Brand new watch

NSquare Watch integrates innovation and tradition, and continues to introduce new ones. The innovative design of NSquare Watch symbolizes the brand's "bold innovation, fashionable style" adhering to the past and conquering the future. Sturdy, creative and break-of-conventional design completely subverted the rules of watchmaking and created extraordinary watches. Each series has a different personality. Masculine, Fancy, Unique, Stylish, Elegant, Nsquare will extend the brand image through these 5 design concepts.



NSquare Watch腕錶融合創新與傳統,不斷推陳出新。 NSquare Watch創新設計象徵了品牌的"大膽創新,時尚型格"秉承過往,征服未來。堅固、創造力和打破常規的設計,完全顛覆了制錶的規則,打造出非凡的腕錶。每個系列都有不一樣的個性。剛陽之氣(Masculine)、花俏(Fancy)、獨特性(Unique)、時尚的(Stylish)、優雅的(Elegant) ,Nsquare 會通過這5個設計概念來延伸品牌形象。