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NSquare doesn't only launch car-related watches. We take care of sea, land and air lovers.

One of our directions is to break through ourselves constantly, so that it can be worthy of you.

It isn't just about PROPELLER planes. The five automatic mechanical watches of the series are subverting your imagination.

When you only buy the ingenious craftsmanship, the five watches this time comport the ultimate playfulness.
The spark of the old time and the new time is what you need, and the alternation is inevitable.
The PROPELLER series is carefully crafted and we strongly believe that the sincerity of ingenuity is felt by you.
As always, regarding the back part, the collection is designed with near-total transparency which allows you to see the carefully polished parts clearly. Another PROPELLER pattern at the bottom of the watch complements the surface's.
The date the world's first propeller plane appeared was revolutionary and unforgettable. Propelled by the surging one, flying of the large iron bird into the sky is a sign of power and perseverance. The passage of time is like the movement of a propeller and this ingenious design adds a lot of points to the entire watch.
It was an early aircraft, but its efficiency and low-altitude, low-speed performance far surpassed that of jets, and it is more economical and easier to maintain, so it is still widely used. The PROPELLER series uses the Japanese Seiko NH35 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 40 hours, which doesn't lose in performance.
The rubber strap is printed with the display of the plane's ascending and descending. Take off, land and triumph in the sky every minute and every second.
This is a soaring approach. The three-dimensional design of the runway is used and the feeling is doubled in one second.
If your favourite colour is stainless steel, blue, gold, green, white, black or orange, the PROPELLER series is the one for you.
When flying is not an inevitable thing, the wrist can meet the watch again.

Today is a day of tribute to the PROPELLER plane and the person who invented it.

If you think this series is more suitable for men, match it with the SnakeQueen, PINK Gracefully or SWEETIE series to create your own couple watch set!