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When the long-awaited feminine colour meets the world's most beautiful and freedom-loving butterflies, the NSquare PINK Gracefully series dances for those who love beauty.


Like the longest-lived butterfly on the wrist, contemporary women keep striving for better lives in this generation.


Through the various spots on the butterfly's body, each of the colorful PINK Gracefully series exudes a gorgeous charm. A colour is representing a character. There's always the one that suits you.


We believe that no one doesn't like bows. Tie a bow onto the PINK Gracefully series watch and and bless him/her today.


PINK isn't just for women nowadays. The red-plus-white colour may match you.


當眾望所歸的女性顏色與全球最美麗又嚮往自由的蝴蝶相見,NSquare PINK Gracefully系列為愛美的你翩翩起舞。









• 蝴蝶翩翩起舞的形態,       • 錶圈鑲上施華洛
  打造柔美意象                    水晶,盡顯優雅特質