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Besides having a dedicated NSQUARE design team, NSQUARE pink has also partnered with well-known celebrity Jacqueline Ch'ng to inject elements of femininity into its designs. Known for her outspoken personality, Jacqueline exudes feminine charm from inside out. Blending the persona into NSQUARE pink design, we achieved a breakthrough in a rigid tradition that governs ladies’ watches, and created a stylish ornament for women, one that signifies new perspectives and new dispositions.


NSQUARE pink除了繼續由NSQUARE設計團隊主理外,更邀得知名藝人莊思敏一同合作,給NSQUARE帶來更多女性化的元素。Jacqueline一向給人一種性格率直敢言的感覺,同時亦充滿女性嫵媚的姿態。這種性格上的結合,正正跟NSQUARE pink的風格一脈相承,打破傳統的女性腕錶固有的框框,打造出新思維,新姿態的女性飾物。                  

• 蝴蝶翩翩起舞的形態,       • 錶圈鑲上施華洛
  打造柔美意象                    水晶,盡顯優雅特質