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The tourbillon is a model of fine watchmaking. The tourbillon is recognized as the most sophisticated and charming mechanism in the watchmaking field. In addition to its meticulous structure highlighting the brand's exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, NSquare Watch also showcases the fashion style of the tourbillon watch to the fullest, exuding fascinating Charm aura.


陀飛輪是高級製錶的典範。陀飛輪獲公認為製錶領域中最為精巧和迷人的機制,NSquare Watch 除了把其細緻的結構彰顯品牌的精湛製錶工藝外亦把陀飛輪腕表的時尚風格極盡展現,散發叫人傾心的魅力氣場。