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NSQUARE has always favoured the motorsports theme. This year, it specially sponsored the Hong Kong KCMG driver Jim Ka To and launched the new racing Racermatic series of wrist watches. Jim Ka To was scouted by racing companies at the age of fifteen and received full-time training at the French Lafayette Racing School. In 2008, he became the grand champion of the year in the Asian Formula Renault Series in Zhuhai after winning the final two championships with a total score of 308. This year, Jim Ka To will represent KCMG in the Super Taikyu Series 2019 in Japan.

The brand new Racermatic series is made of 44 mm carbon fibre composite material. Its size, as well as the light and hard material fully caters to the needs of the racer, and its streamlined design is filled with elements of the racing sport. The dial design carries through NSQUARE’s style of showcasing a new style with every new design. Infused with elements of the racing circuit, NSQUARE's all-new Racermatic series capture that joyful moment when the racer raises both hands to receive the cheers and applause from fans when claiming victory after constant effort and rigorous training. The ultimate innovative design is dazzling with its streamlined and dynamic appearance.

NSQUARE一向喜歡以賽車運動為主題今年更特意贊助香港KCMG車隊車手詹家圖並推出全新賽車風格系列腕錶Racermatic。 詹家圖十五歲獲賽車發展公司賞識前往法國拉斐利賽車學校接受全職訓練賽車技能。2008年更於珠海進行的亞洲雷諾方程式,連贏最後兩站冠軍後以總分308分成為全年總冠軍。而今年詹家圖將會為KCMG出戰在日本舉行Super Taikyu Series 2019

全新系列Racermatic用上44 mm碳纖維複合材質製成尺寸的大小以及輕巧而堅硬的材質全面配合車手的需要流線型設計充滿賽車運動元素。 錶盤設計貫切NSQUARE每一款新作都展現出全新風格。Racermatic以賽車手經過不斷的努力和辛苦的訓練而取得勝利時高舉雙手接受車迷納喊歡呼聲和掌聲時喜悅的一刻 極致創新的設計流線型及動感的外型令人目眩神迷。