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• Comely Two-colour Snake Body

One of the proud advantages of NSquare is that the brand has always dared to create and challenge the boundaries of different fields. Its watches with different series of themes use and combine their characteristics to create stunning and unforgettable watches: Snake King And Snake Queen - two classic ace series were born. The snake symbolizes regeneration, immortality, and represents the power to create life.

• Enlarging the Snakeskin Background - Outstanding 3D Printing Effect, Extremely Lifelike

The theme of NSquare is the dangerous temptation of pythons. After being given different colors through the strong dynamic curve of the snake, the beautiful appearance and its own powerful strength immediately burst into captivity. Standing still as a timeless classic, and creating an exclusive visual and design identity for NSquare, successfully showing the brand concept. From then on, the bond between NSquare and the snake began to form an inextricable and inseparable relationship.

• 蛇身雙色漸變,美感度滿分

NSquare其中一項引以為傲的優點是品牌素來敢於創作及挑戰不同領域的界限,旗下具不同系列主題的腕錶,利用並融合其特質創作出使人驚豔及難以忘懷的腕錶:Snake King 及 Snake Queen --兩大經典皇牌系列由此誕生。蛇象徵再生﹑不朽,代表創造生命的力量。

• 放大蛇皮背景,3D印刷效果突出,極為生動

NSquare以危險誘惑蟒蛇為主題,透過蛇自帶的強烈動感曲線,被賦上不同的色彩後,隨即爆發的豔美外表兼其本身的強悍力量, 瞬間俘虜一眾錶迷,從此奠定了蟒蛇系列屹立不倒的永恆經典地位,並為NSQUARE塑造獨家的視覺與設計標識,成功展現出品牌理念。NSquare與蛇的羈絆從此展開,形成千絲萬縷及密不可分的關係。