Louis Yan has become a brand from a name. This series helps you remember each unique and eternal MOMENT. NSquare has a lot of series, but The MAGICIAN is not forgotten. The fans have one comment of the series: beautiful!


Mr. Yan is the first Hong Kong and the second Chinese magician in the world who performs (individually) in Las Vegas and brings Chinese magic to the world. Louis Yan is also the first Hong Kong magician to have the personal world tour record of magic shows, including Hong Kong, Macau, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, etc.


In 2010, Louis Yan's popularity was increased in Hong Kong greatly. In September, Louis predicted for the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index at apm successfully. In 2011, he and 314 children played magic on the street in Hong Kong and broke the Guinness World Record. The previous reocrd was set by David Goldberg in 2009. In 2012, he represented the government and visited Paris, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to promote Hong Kong. In June, he predicted the result of the Mark Six successfully.


In 2013, Louis Yan set another Guinness World Record which was the world's first Guinness record that year. In March, he was invited by the HKTDC and went to Indonesia to promote Hong Kong.


Louis Yan從一個名字成功地變成一個品牌,本系列協助你記下每一獨一無二的MAGICAL永恆MOMENT。NSquare曾打造各式系列,唯獨對The MAGICIAN念念不忘,正正只因它實在太值得穿戴上。擁有了它的每位對The MAGICIAN只有不停重覆的一句評語:美! 很美! 非常美!


甄先生是香港首位,也是全球第二位在拉斯維加斯(個人)表演的華人魔術師。Louis Yan也是第一位擁有個人世界巡迴表演紀錄的香港魔術師,其巡迴之旅包括香港、澳門、拉斯維加斯、洛杉磯、多倫多、墨爾本及悉尼。


2010年,Louis Yan開始受到香港傳媒的關注,成為首位因奪獎而登上了香港蘋果日報的頭版報導的香港魔術師,大幅提高了知名度。同年9月,Louis Yan在apm成功地預測香港恆生指數的收市點。2011年,他和314個小朋友於香港街頭玩魔術,打破了《全球最大魔法學堂》健力士世界紀錄。上一個紀錄是大衛高柏飛於2009年創下的。2012年,他代表政府到巴黎、德國、比利時和荷蘭作巡迴演出。6月,他成功地預測六合彩的結果。


Louis Yan於2013年創下了《極速水中解鎖逃脫》健力士世界紀錄,這是當年世界上首個健力士紀錄。3月,Louis應香港貿發局邀請赴印尼宣傳香港。


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