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Limited Edition.

The new Jap Jap series is based on candy 🍬, and the high-profile colors attract people who want to eat it. The dial of the JapJap series is set with Mr. Jap Jap and Miss Jap Jap special designed by NSquare designer. The multi-layered three-dimensional design and the 46mm large-size stainless steel case full of candy flavor push the already unique Jap Jap to the extreme. The strap is in the meticulously designed Jap Jap embossed leather and the Jap Jap equipped with the Miyota automatic movement swears to inject the wind into your blood! Let you high-profile and many others are watching your unique and outstanding taste.


全新Jap Jap系列以糖果🍬為主題,高調顏色吸引眾人目光及勾起食慾。Jap Jap系列錶盤鑲上由NSquare設計師精心設計的糖果先生及糖果小姐,多層立體設計,充滿糖果氣息的骷髏頭打破日常沉悶,時間標示的數字均塗上夜光物料。46mm大尺寸精鋼錶殻把原本已是非常獨特的Jap Jap 推向極致。Jap Jap錶帶使用細膩設計的壓花皮和耐用高級橡膠,使腕錶更耐用。搭載Miyota自動上弦機芯的Jap Jap 誓把瘋狂注入你的血液!讓你高調出場,輕易令所有人注意到你的與眾不同及出眾品味。