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DYNAMIC RACE for Your Diversified Needs

• Ceramic Case - Scratch Resistant, Light And Water Resistant

Its price is not the most expensive. You'll have the feeling of a famous watch.

DYNAMICOLLECTION has a great value, but you only need to pay unimaginable banknote to have it.

The number of process steps is unbelievable and you won't believe, but it's the fact.

If you don't want the one with lots of details and components, graceful lines and very bright polished, please don't choose the DYNAMIC RACE series.

• Case Back Using Specially Hardened Mineral Glass - Centered Glass with Anti-reflective Coating

If you find the watch which has the same quality as NSquare DYNAMIC RACE series and its price is cheaper than ours, please contact us.

Cars are a favourite thing and a hobby of many people. Nicky, NSquare's Creative Director, agrees with the great relationship between car speed and time. Through the series, he integrates them and strives to find the final answer of this equation. NSquare aims to create a series of styles related to racing/sports cars. It isn't easy to buy a gift for men. You can say that a watch is a luxury product, but also a necessity. We don’t need to exaggerate the selling points of these seven models. Their features, such as wear-resistant ceramics and a folding clasp, will touch you.

Nicky uses this theme and cooperates with Memorigin again to launch the only DYNAMIC RACE Tourbillon watch.

Not only precious time is exchanged by 60 seconds, but also the lifetime of memories accompanied. Catch up with something, watch the watch and stay meaningfully everyday, keep alert to yourself and make every moment pass without regrets.

大師級設計, 助你超越一切

• 陶瓷錶殻抗刮、輕身、防水、不易褪色




如你不想要一枚有很多細節及組件、線條優美及打磨得非常亮麗的它,請不要考慮DYNAMIC RACE系列。

• 特殊硬化礦物玻璃錶底蓋,中央帶有防反射塗層

如你找到質素和NSquare DYNAMIC RACE系列一樣,但價格比我們便宜的,請聯絡我們。


Nicky藉著此主題和Memorigin萬希泉再次合作,推出唯一一款DYNAMIC RACE陀飛輪腕錶。