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The Magician Limited Edition 188 pieces

"Magic King on the Street" Mr. Louis Yan is the first Hong Kong professional magician who is selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons, one of the 38 contemporary professional magicians in the world, and one of the 26 magicians in Asia. Many people in the city call him "Hong Kong version of David Goldberg".

Louis Yan's two world tours are named THE MOMENT and THE INFINITY, which coincided with some of NSquare's design concepts. This leads to the opportunity of launching a limited edition with the representative of the magic industry. It's a combination of magic and watch and full of fun.

Louis believes in NSquare. By cooperating with special playing cards, The MAGICIAN contains 4 wonderful magic tricks which lets you become the focus of the party easily. The winning features of the collection are its super texture and weight, and this highlights his important position in the MAGICIAN world at the same time. You may see a mysterious pattern when you check the dial. The case is the focus and its diameter is 46mm. The strap and the watch's colour make it "cool" in one second.




Louis的兩個世界巡迴演出分別命名為THE MOMENT及THE INFINITY,與NSquare的一些設計概念不謀而合,因而順理成章促成是次聯乘機會,與這位魔術界的代表推出限量The MAGICIAN魔術師系列,結合魔術和腕錶,真正玩味十足。

Louis Yan相信NSquare,The MAGICIAN透過和特製的撲克牌配合,內藏4個精彩的魔術,輕易施展魔法,成為派對中的焦點。此系列致勝之處,是你把它拿在手上時,它的超質感完勝一切,份量足夠之餘,同時突顯Louis Yan於全球魔術界舉足輕重的地位。 NSquare在錶盤的正中央刻有神秘的圖案。直徑46毫米及刻有圖滕花紋的銅殻、仿復古牛皮和橡膠錶帶,以及配上到位剛好的顏色,一秒間令這枚腕錶「酷」中霸氣盡現。