NSQUARE has the brand image of "Bold Innovation, Fashionable Style". Solidity, creativity and unconventional design completely subvert the rules of watchmaking and create extraordinary watches. Each series has a different personality. Masculine, Fancy, Unique, Stylish, Elegant, Nsquare will extend the brand image through these five design concepts. The brand attracts new customer bases around the world: young, cool, and eager to innovate.

The SnakeKing (Masculine) and SnakeQueen (Fancy) series take the watch to a new level, breaking the mainstream model and injecting the ultimate style into the watch, releasing a unique field and creating trends.

NSQUARE is rooted in Hong Kong, and the iconic large-size watch is matched with the arc specially designed for Asians, thus creating a more comfortable feel.

NSQUARE adheres to its commitment to quality. By paying attention to quality and every detail, from refined dials, meticulously polished cases and high-quality leather straps, NSQUARE insists that every watch produced is reliable. NSQUARE watches attract fans who want to stand out from the crowd and confirm their individualism at an affordable price.

Nsquare 有著"大膽創新,時尚型格"的品牌形象。堅固、創造力和打破常規的設計,完全顛覆了制錶的規則,打造出非凡的腕錶。每個系列都有不一樣的個性。剛陽之氣(Masculine)、花俏(Fancy)、獨特性(Unique)、時尚的(Stylish)、優雅的(Elegant) ,Nsquare 會通過這5個設計概念來延伸品牌形象。品牌吸引了世界各地的新客戶群:年輕,酷,渴望創新。

SnakeKing(Masculine)和 SnakeQueen (Fancy)系列將腕錶提升到新的水平,打破主流模式與及把極致型格注入腕錶,釋放出與眾不同的領域,創造潮流。

NSQUARE 紮根於香港,標誌性的大尺寸腕錶配合專門為亞洲人而設的弧度,從而造出更貼手舒適的感覺。

NSQUARE堅守對品質的承諾,通過對品質和對每一個細節的注重,從精緻的錶盤,錶殼細緻的打磨及優質的皮革錶帶,NSQUARE 秉承出產的每一隻腕錶都是可靠的。NSQUARE腕錶吸引了那些想在人群中脫穎而出並以可承受的價格確認其個人主義的粉絲。