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The Hong Kong watch brand NSquare has always been known for its avant-garde and innovative designs. The brand also concurrently strives to increase the infinite possibilities of the brand through joint series. The latest partner of the series is Taiwanese dark fashion designer SKUll 13, who comes with a strong art and graphic design background. This time, two innovative brands comes together in a cross-border cooperation, and debuts with Pirate Storm - the Npower series of wrist watches!

NSquare has combined the all-new Npower design with the SKUII 13 dark pirate SKUII design, and it is not difficult to find on close inspection several design elements relating to piracy, such as treasure maps, anchors, steering wheels. Pirate Storm manages to blend the artist’s personal touch while combining the characteristics of the two brands. The shape of the wrist watch remains very "NSquare", with its varied lines and dynamic design, and the Ring Lock mechanism at the nine o’clock mark of the case, presents both a professional and three-dimensional touch to the watch. The hour hand is shaped like a giant anchor to break through the conventional shape of the hour hand, while the second hand utilises the form of the steering wheel and with the pirate SKUII printed with the SKUII 13 design, it allows users to witness the crystallisation of the two brands.

香港手錶品牌NSquare一向以設計前衞及追求創新見稱,同時亦會透過聯乘系列增加品牌的無限可能性,最新聯乘系列的夥伴就是擁有強大的美術與美工設計背景的台灣暗黑派設計師SKUll 13。今次兩個力求創新的品牌跨界合作,以Npower系列腕錶- Pirate Storm -首度登場!

NSquare以全新的Npower配合SKUII 13的暗黑派海盜SKUII,細看之下不難發現腕錶融合了多個海盜設計元素,例如藏寶地圖,船錨,方向盤等。Pirate Storm除了融合兩個品牌的特色之外,亦不失藝術家的個人品味。腕錶的造型依然很"NSquare",線條多變,動感十足,加上錶殼9:00位置加上Ring Lock按制令腕錶既專業又充滿立體感。時針以巨型船錨展以突破一般的時針形態,秒針用上方向盤形式及印有SKUII 13設計的海盜SKUII令用家見證兩品牌的結晶。