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The NICK CHRONO comes equipped with a dynamic timing function, and NSQUARE's Nick Chrono presents a strong masculine charm with a tough athletic style. The large-size 51mm case is majestic, and the stop watch pushers at the top and bottom of the crown echo the sporty style of the case. The stop-watch function is presented in a clever layout, and similarly uses the disc design, like the Nick series. This allows the watch enthusiast to see an interesting and dynamic timing function, which adds a lot of fun to the telling of time.

NICK CHRONO 搭載動感十足的計時功能,NSQUARE 力作Nick Chrono以硬朗剛強的男性魅力呈現強烈運動風格。51mm的大尺寸錶殼大氣磅礴,錶冠上下兩杖計時按巴因應錶感的運動風格與錶殼互相呼應。計時功能則透過巧妙的佈局呈現,和Nick一樣採用盤式設計,錶迷得以看到有趣而有動感的計時功能,為閱時增添不少玩味。