Kickoff Episode 1: N12 Nick II Series



NSquare will open the wristwatch boxes for everyone from time to time and talk about the various watches, so that you can understand the most real side of the watch more clearly. The dial is designed creatively, the way of time reading is ingenious, and fun is added. Come and see how we read the time of Nick II watches and discover what is special!


Introduced Products: NSquare Nick II Automatic Watch 45mm N12 (6 Models with Different Colour Combinations)





N06 Nick Series' extended version. Common features include a square design


One of NSquare's car related series (others include DYNAMICollection) - maximize the integration of all the required information by the smallest motorcycle dashboard


Watch that can be for daily life and be worn when you work or play the sports


The case's diameter is 45mm - smaller than Nick Series and the watch is fitter. The surface of the case is polished. This makes the surface glossier



Special time reading e.g. counter-clockwise reading hour hand & double-track minute design. With the second dial as well


Great colour matching which helps create unique, new and modern outfit styles, such as blue x steel, black x yellow, black x red, splattered surfaces x black, and NSquare's exclusive Misty Blue


The structure is more complicated than the Nick Series, but the multi-layer (hour dial, second dial, etc.) see-through stacking design keeps the stainless steel 316L and thin case. The four-sided pillar design is inspired by the racing car


This increases the three-dimensional effect through the skeleton dial



The high-grade rubber strap is thinner. You will be comfortable when you wear it. It's easy if you clean it. It's also softer than the previous generation


Specially hardened mineral glass with anti-reflective coating which lets you see the dial clearly


Japanese Automatic Winding Movement


【NSquare Watch World】NICK II Series Introducing|A Detailed Explanation of the New, Creative & Playful Watches for You


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【NSquare Watch World】NICK II Series Introducing




打響頭炮第一集:N12 Nick II系列



NSquare將不定期為大家開箱直說各款腕錶,讓大家更清晰了解腕錶最真實的一面。嶄新創意設計錶盤,巧思閱時方法,為平淡生活加添玩味。對Nick II有別傳統錶盤感到迷惑的你,快來看看Nick II是如何閱時,特別之處又在哪?!


介紹產品:NSquare Nick II自動錶 45毫米 N12(全系列共6色)




延伸N06 Nick Series車軚系列(石英錶),共通點包括方形圓盤式設計







錶殼直徑45毫米,比Nick Series小6mm,更貼手。錶殼側的斜邊設計:比Nick Series更闊,線條更優美。殼面的打磨經過拉砂拋光後使錶面更光澤


閱時特別,逆時閱讀時針,雙軌分鐘設計,秒盤位於中央NSquare Logo位置





結構比Nick Series更為複雜,但別出心裁的多層(時盤、秒盤等)透視層疊設計,保留精鋼316L及纖薄的錶殼。錶殼精細磨砂,四側支柱設計靈感來自賽車防撞支架













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【NSquare腕錶世界】細看NICK II|為你詳細解說 嶄新創意玩味腕錶



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