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SNAKE KING has been the source of inspiration to designers seeking to unravel the mysterious world of the animal kingdom. Designed based on the scales of the cobra, the SNAKE KING series pairs embossed cobra scales with premium quality rubber to create watch straps that add a touch of modern fineness and dynamism to the gentlemen’s sexuality. The watch dial exudes masculine charm with its three-dimensional feel and range of colours and together with the metallic cobra, it is in a class of its own.

• The Snake is displayed in metal   • Wear the Japanese Miyota movement, Unique power reserve 42 hours

SNAKE KING充滿神秘感的動物世界一直是設計者的靈感泉源。SNAKE KING系列正是以眼鏡蛇鱗片作為設計基礎。搭配眼鏡蛇的鱗片壓花皮與高級橡膠合作而製成的錶帶令SNAKE KING系列時尚優雅、充滿動感更帶出一份男士的性感。錶盤以立體及不同色調構成極富剛陽氣息,再配上金屬眼鏡蛇形態,別具一格。

• 眼鏡蛇形態以金屬展現,     • 搭戴日本星辰機芯,
別具一格                                  動力儲存42小時