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NSquare has launched a limited edition CASINO in the past, and the response has been very enthusiastic. This time, the stylish roulette Casino watch continues to bring luck to NSquare fans. Go on your lucky magic. The new Casino N17.15 and N17.16, each limited to 88 pieces. All black N17.15 is changing the previous embossed design, with a bright red aluminum ring and a marble-textured outer ring. A modern noble style emerges spontaneously. N17.16 rose gold case, red aluminum ring, black, gold and red together to create a noble temperament. Casino series roulette-themed watches, the hour, minute, and second discs are presented in a disc design. The constantly rotating roulette and the never-stopping rolling ball bring out wonderful and tense moments. It also means that good luck is like a continuous cycle. May the odds be in your favor.

NSquare過往推出限量版CASINO反應非常熱烈,型格輪盤Casino腕錶今次繼續將幸運帶給NSquare的粉絲,延續各位的幸運魔法。全新Casino N17.15及N17.16,每款限量發售88枚。N17.15以黑色為主調,改變以往的凸字設計,鮮明紅色鋁圈,雲石紋理外圈,現代高貴風格油然而生。N17.16玫瑰金色錶殻,紅色鋁圈,黑、金、紅三色共同打造尊貴氣質。Casino系列輪盤主題腕錶,時、分、秒盤均以盤式設計呈現,不斷轉動的輪盤、永不停止轉動的滾球,帶出精彩緊張時刻,亦喻意好運運如輪轉,讓你一直「紅」運當頭。