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In just two short years after its founding, the high-end Hong Kong watch brand NSQUARE has gained a following among celebrities and famous personalities. NSQUARE has always been known for its avant-garde designs and pursuit of detail. To embody the spirit of the N(infinity) SQUARE (to the power of) brand, the brand has strived to explore possibilities through different joint series. The latest TOURBILLON series is a local collaboration with Memorigin, the only high-end tourbillon wrist watch brand in Hong Kong.

This year, NSQUARE cooperated for the first time with another high-end wrist watch brand in Hong Kong, MEMORIGIN, to launch the NM-01 Tourbillon. The NM-01 wrist watch, launched by NSQUARE X MEMORIGIN, has a bold and elegant 46mm steel multi-layered solid case. The dial's hollow design is cleverly blended with the movement, and its high-quality PVC and embossed leather strap provides the NM-01 a better and more comfortable fit.

The wrist watch is equipped with the MEMORIGIN tourbillon movement. The movement has a total of 155 components and 18 jewel bearings. The tourbillon has 40 hours of power reserve. The vibration frequency can go up to 28,800 times per hour, and the tourbillon at the six o’clock mark rotates once every 60 seconds. The NM-01 combines a subtle movement with a bold, elegant and stylish look that draws out the sexy appeal of a man. The collaborative product between NSQUARE and Memorigin is one that blends elements of classic and trendy design. Such design will surely satisfy the high-end watch enthusiast in his pursuit of both trend and comfort.

The NSQUARE wrist watch is customised specially for Asians, fits the wrist snugly, and is designed with exquisite craftsmanship in European style. It uses high-quality materials such as the stainless-steel multi-layered case, sapphire glass, jewel bearings, and high-quality crocodile leather straps. NSQUARE fans may notice that the style of the case carries on the tradition of the Hegemonic series, with the professional, elegant and yet trendy style of Snake King, Snake Queen and NR1.



NSQUARE與香港另一高端手錶品牌MEMORIGIN破天荒合作,推出NM-01陀飛輪腕錶。NSQUARE X MEMORIGIN推出的NM-01腕錶,擁有豪邁又優雅的46毫米精鋼多層立體錶殼,錶盤的鏤空設計巧妙地和機芯融合,搭配由高品橡膠與壓花皮革合製而成的錶帶讓NM-01配戴時更貼服舒適。


NSQUARE所製的腕錶一向比例專為亞洲人而設,戴起來與手腕非常貼合,更以精湛工藝結合歐洲風格設計,並採用優質的物料如不銹鋼多層立體錶殼,藍寶色玻璃,寶石承軸,優質的鱷魚皮革錶帶等。NSQUARE粉絲或許會留意到,錶殼款式是延續Snake King,Snake Queen及NR1的Hegemonic系列,風格專業高貴卻不失潮流品味。