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The Magician Limited Edition 188 pieces

NSQUARE and Hong Kong's famous magician Louis Yan launched the limited-edition watch “The Magician” , combining magic with watches. Magician Louis Yan is the champion of European and American magic competitions and has broken two magic Guinness world records. He has the reputation of Hong Kong's new generation "Magic Icon" and "Street Magic King". In 2019, he won the 47th Hong Kong "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" hosted by the International Youth Chamber of Commerce, becoming the first Hong Kong professional magician to win the prize. His personal world tour magic tour has traveled all over the world, performing in Hong Kong, Macau, Las Vegas, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles and other places, setting a record for the first Hong Kong magician to have a personal world tour magic show. His personal magic performance in Las Vegas is the first magician in Hong Kong and the second Chinese magician in the world. He can go to the Las Vegas to open a solo show, set a magic history, and bring Chinese magic to the world.

The Magician series is a watch that is both stylish and magical. The watch has 4 magics. Through the watch and special playing cards, you can change to 4 wonderful and unexpected magics. Focus in the party.

The design of the watch is mainly based on the skull. In the center of the dial, the skull is engraved with patterns and magical mysteries. The large 46 mm case makes the watch domineering. In order to create a watch full of magic elements, the watch is made of copper and engraved with a totem pattern to fully integrate the magic into the watch, The Vintage leather  band, "Cool" brings some retro style, giving full play to the unique personality of NSQUARE and magician Louis Yan.



NSQUARE 與香港著名魔術師甄澤權 (Louis Yan)推出限量聯乘腕錶The Magician 魔術師系列,把魔術與腕錶結合。魔術師甄澤權 (Louis Yan),是歐美魔術大賽冠軍及曾打破兩項魔術健力士世界紀錄,擁有香港新一代「Magic Icon」及「街頭魔法王」之美譽。2019年,榮獲由國際青年商會主辦的第47屆香港「十大傑出青年」,成首位香港職業魔術師獲獎。其個人世界巡迴魔術之旅走遍世界各地,於香港,澳門,拉斯維加斯,多倫多,墨爾本,雪梨,洛杉磯等地作演出,創下首位香港魔術師擁有個人世界巡迴魔術演出的紀錄。其在拉斯維加斯的個人魔術公演,更是香港首位魔術師及全球第二位華人魔術師可以到達當地開個人騷,創下魔術歷史,把華人魔術帶到世界。

The Magician 魔術師系列是一隻既時尚,又擁有魔力的腕錶,腕錶藏有4個魔術,透過腕錶和特制的撲克牌你就可以變到4個精彩及意想不到的魔術,輕易成為派對中的焦點。

腕錶的設計以骷髏頭為主調,在錶盤的正中央,骷髏頭上刻有圖案與魔術的神秘互相呼應。46毫米大尺寸錶殻令腕錶霸氣盡現,為了打造一隻充滿魔術原素的腕錶,腕錶以銅打造及刻有圖滕花紋把魔術完全融入腕錶,加上仿殘皮的錶帶,「酷」中帶來一些復古風,充分發揮出NSQUARE 和 魔術師甄澤權 (Louis Yan) 的獨特個性。