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We launched SnakeKing, so how can there be no SnakeQueen?


When NSquare positions the series, we unanimously decide to jump out of the public's conceptual frame of "Queen" in the past. Queen can be the incarnation of gentleness and wildness. There aren't only charming and graceful styles, but also sexy, mysterious and low-key types.


The SnakeQueen series has 9 models in different colours. They show different feminine beauty and help shape different sides.


As the empress, it's an absolute status symbol undoubtedly. When it's on the hand, the domineering can be felt immediately.


Our Creative Director uses gold as one of the main colours of several models of this series - only gold and splendour can match the queen's extravagance.


Square Swarovski crystals are used again and gorgeousness is added instantly.


The boa pattern adds a feeling of mystery to the watch in a second.


Flower has been the best metaphor for women for decades. Thus, NSquare has selected violet and cherry blossom pink colours to reveal feminine charm strongly.


Men prefer sending roses to women. The red one is like carrying a rose that never wilts.


The Spring green one adopts NSquare's contrasting colour design again. It hasn't only become the iconic colour of NSquare, but also fulfilled the needs of the women who love this style.


SnakeQueen's boa embossing pattern is more prominent than SnakeKing's.








貴為一皇之后 - 歷史上帝國最高統治者皇帝的正配稱號,不用多說是絕對的身份象徵。當戴上手時,霸氣即時展現。