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The Bull Skull Automatic watch

Just in 2020, Nsquare launched its first series of the year: Bull Skull series. The cow symbolizes "wealth", "strength", "toughness" and "loyalty", and in the Greek horoscope mythology it also symbolizes "love" and "sacrifice dedication". In this new Bull Skull series, Nsquare fuses dark and secret elements on the watch. The bull skull on the dial appears dark and shaped. The watch appears like a secret villain in the movie. After the skull is embossed, the tattoo geometric pattern filled with exotic elements is completely injected to show the dark and subtle charm. "Power" and "toughness" are perfectly reflected in the image under the 46mm large stainless steel case. The two-layer design bezel. The round and octagonal bezel are polished and sandblasted to make the watch more hierarchical & strong. The watch is also equipped with the Japanese Seiko NH35 automatic winding movement, with a 41-hour power reserve, well-designed. It is a work that you love to dress and must not miss.



2020才剛開始Nsquare便強勢推出本年的首個系列:Bull Skull 牛骷髏系列。 牛象徵著「財富」、「力量」「強悍」與「忠心」,而在希臘星座神話中更象徵著「愛」與「犧牲奉獻」。 於這個全新牛骷髏系列中Nsquare把暗黑,詭秘元素融合在腕錶上,錶盤的公牛骷髏頭以暗黑且型格造形亮相,腕錶仿如電影中詭秘的大反派型爆登場,正中央的牛骷髏經過浮雕處理後再注入充滿異國元素的紋身幾何圖案,把暗黑詭魅完全地呈現。 「力量」與「強悍」,在46亳米大尺寸精鋼錶殻下完美地以形象體現出來,兩層式設計錶圈,圓形配合八角形的錶圈經過拋光和噴砂處理使腕錶層次更強烈。腕錶更搭載日本精工NH35自動上弦機芯,具有41小時動力儲存,精心設計亦不忘腕錶功能,是熱愛時裝打扮的你,絶對不能錯過之作。