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NSquare Nick II series interprets innovative and playful watches. Assemble new ideas and the dullness of traditional time reading methods to reshape the new definition of watches!

A new lifestyle requires new thinking. It goes beyond the traditional frame to add something new to life. NSquare’s new Nick II series goes beyond the traditional frame. The design takes into account various aspects such as watches and related accessories, including various practical details and wear of Nick II. Match the style of clothing and the style conversion brought by the special design of the watch to meet the ever-changing needs in life.

Full of NSquare's various innovative and symbolic watches combined with a number of complex devices, such as the exquisite and special sandwich structure laminated design, retrograde clock, and dual-track minute markers, accompanied by a stainless steel case. Leading a brand-new playful image, showing a versatile fashion style.

  • Design for a new generation of innovative personalities and unique thinking.

    香港手錶品牌NSquare 一 Nick II系列演繹創新玩味腕錶。以匠心精巧的設計追求一次又一次的革新,突破固有框架,集結嶄新創意及對傳統閱時方式的沉悶感,重塑腕錶新定義。

    新的生活方式需要新的思維,跳出傳統框框為生活加點新意,向全新思維邁步。NSquare新品發售 — Nick II系列跳出傳統框框,設計時考慮到腕錶及相關配襯等各方面,包括Nick II各種實用的細節和穿搭服飾的風格配合,以及腕錶特別設計而帶來的的風格轉換去滿足生活中不斷變化的需求。