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A must-have watch for SuperCar lovers

The ultimate performance exudes an absolutely powerful momentum.
Combined with exquisite and complicated craftsmanship to interprets the style of Super Car and reveals your sharpness.

DYNAMIC RACE Automatic — Pursuit your Ultimate.

2021 FIRST new series: Dynamic Race Automatic

NSquare inspired by the SuperCar and pays tribute to the legend of supercars.Every part of the watch design uses ultra-running-related elements, and every detail is unique.

The angular case imitates the dynamic and clean lines of a super sports car body frame, shining from every angle;

The inner circle of the bright-colored dial refers to the driving dashboard, and every second of your advancement witnesses you take a step toward success;

Special car tyre pattern dial, semi aeration hole car seat watch strap, every part is meticulous, and strive to perfectly present the supercar details;

Convenient strap replacement method, one-click to easily replace the strap, seamlessly connect your various occasion and time.

From idea to practice, from design to production. Interprets the domineering and sharp style of supercars, and exudes absolutely powerful momentum.

• Designed for SuperCar lovers                                                                 

The ultimate pursuit

Sharp edges and corners case, bright-colored inner ring, and special car tyre pattern dial.

Delicate watch craftsmanshipDelicate watch craftsmanship

Every part and every accessory is meticulous.

Fashion glossy ceramic charm

Wear-resistant, Scratch-resistant and always emit a natural soft luster.



DYNAMIC RACE Automatic — 極緻追求

2021年度首個新系列DYNAMIC RACE Automatic以超級跑車(SuperCar)為靈感,致敬超跑傳奇。NSquare將超跑追求極致速度的理念融合精緻繁複工藝,腕錶設計每一部分均運用超跑相關元素,每一個細節都心思獨到,究極性能助你大展光芒,盡顯你的極緻追求。

超級跑車的外表冷豔炫目,令人驚鴻一督。DYNAMIC RACE Automatic精鋼316L腕錶,直徑46mm,從尺寸已令人眼前一亮。採用高密度輕巧陶瓷製作自然光澤錶圈,耐磨抗刮,大大減低腕錶因刮花或磨蝕出現瑕疵的機會。具備時﹑分﹑秒,24小時﹑日曆功能,兼100米防水功能和夜光指針,不論白天黑夜,隨你於生活中肆意風馳電掣。






• 專為超級跑車(SuperCar)愛好者設計。






採用百年腕錶品牌寵兒 高密度輕巧陶瓷物料,耐磨抗刮並時刻散發自然柔潤光澤,毫不費力吸引眾人眼光