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The inspiration for the NICK SERIES

The inspiration for the NICK SERIES Every piece of art is usually inspired by the things around it. For creative director Nicky, creating, imagining and observing things around him is one important element of watchmaking. In addition to his love for watches, he also loves cars, and his ideals and unconventional ideas are translated into reality in the NICK SERIES. The design concept of NSQUARE's most representative NICK SERIES comes from the car rim. Watches have always had a close connection with cars. The trendy NSQUARE brand has created a stylish, youthful and energetic watch by drawing inspiration from the rim of the car.


每一件藝術品的設計靈感往往是來自身邊的事物,對創作總監Nicky而言創作、想像力及觀察身邊的事物是制錶其一重要元素。他除了是愛錶之人,更是一位愛車之人,因此他的理念和天馬行空的想法就付諸實現到 NICK SERIES 系列。
NSQUARE 最具代表性系列NICK SERIES 的設計概念正是來自車軚。手錶一向與車有著密切的關係。潮流品牌 NSQUARE 以車軚的概念打造了型格、年輕、有活力的手錶。